StarShipIT is really nifty software that simplifies the process of delivering online (and offline) orders. Although the app is cloud-based, StarShipIT is head-quartered in Australia and New Zealand and has been specifically developed to service these markets. StarShipIT is also known as ShipIT.

It’s probably also worth mentioning what StarShipIT doesn’t do… StarShipIT doesn’t build e-commerce websites and nor is it a courier company. Instead StarShipIT sits in between these two functions enabling them to ‘talk’ to each other without you having to do it for them.


The StarShipIT team are a pretty clever bunch dedicated to creating the simplest yet smartest solution for merchants. They also understand that each one faces unique challenges and would love to chat to you about your particular business model.

Phone AU: 61-02-909-88227
Phone NZ: 64-09-973-4100
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