Magento + Australia Post (eParcel)

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Starshipit integrates with Australia Post’s eParcel to enable you to use your preferred choice of carriers with Magento.

When you integrate Starshipit with Magento and Australia Post’s eParcel, you can enjoy the full suite of features and benefits Starshipit has to offer. Starshipit replaces the need to go to the eParcel portal and manually type in addresses for labels.  Reduce human and clerical errors while saving staff time and money!

Starshipit will improve your customer’s online retail experience by allowing you to offer flexible, multi carrier shipping options including 3 hour delivery, click and collect etc. It will improve your customer’s service delivery experience by keeping them informed at every step of the dispatch process, providing up to date and timely information as their order is fulfilled.

Furthermore, with Starshipit, you will improve your customers’ purchasing experience, with the customised automated shipping notifications via SMS and email and a branded tracking page.

With eParcel and Magento integrated with Starshipit, you will be able to lookup addresses, give accurate, live postage rate calculation, enable flexible delivery options and utilise multiple carriers.  Many Starshipit customers choose to use Magento and eParcel because both are trusted brands, providing the support and network distribution across Australia they need.   

StarshipIT offers the ability to use multiple carriers so you can pick and choose your preferred mix of carriers along with Australia Post to provide your customers with flexibility. 

How to integrate with Magento

Read our support article to find out how you can integrate with Magento today.

Read our support documentation on how to integrate with Australia Post’s eParcel.