“It’s been the single biggest advance we’ve had in the business. Everything is affordable, automatic, and it’s hard to get things wrong.”
Steve www.fallenfront.com


How does it work?

  • We generate labels from your eCommerce orders
  • We feed the tracking numbers back into your eCommerce system
  • Trigger email alerts to your customers so that they can track their goods
  • Provide a widget you can plugin to your website to display tracking

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DHL Express authorized software provider

  • International & domestic shipping on one interface
  • One click shipping labels
  • Electronic customs documentation (no more forms)
  • Ship to anywhere from anywhere!

“We commend StarShipIt on making it easier for online retailers to do good business. Feedback from customers has been incredibly positive to date, with most commenting on the price, speed and ease of getting up and running on StarShipIt, and the vast time reduction from the whole process. Less time on admin means more time for sales and marketing, and whether you're a small or large retailer, that's got to be an imperative.”
Liana Debono, Oceania E-Commerce Manager, DHL Express.

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Does it work on Mac?

Yes, we have better support for printing on a PC but it works almost as well on MAC.

Can we bulk ship?

Yes, you can bulk or batch ship all your orders in one go.

Do I need to login to eParcel?

No, you do not need to login to eParcel, shipments will be submitted electronically.

Do I need a thermal printer?

No, you can print DHL labels to A4 and the 3 & 4 per A4 sheet eParcel sheets are also supported.

Does it support CouriersPlease, Toll, StarTrack (+more)?

Not yet but these three are next on our list and we should have support within the next month, please register your interest so we can let you know.

Do I need to set weight in StarShipIt?

In most cases package weights are imported directly from your store.