DHL eCommerce

Starshipit seamlessly integrates with DHL eCommerce (Australia and worldwide) to streamline the process of shipping your  orders. Starshipit easily integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and more.

Starshipit is an economical way of shipping your eCommerce orders because as it can help reduce cost & increase efficiency with low investment.  From as little as $40 per month, you can use the carriers of your choice including DHL eCommerce Australia and DHL eCommerce worldwide plus your other preferred carriers.  Starshipit is an established and mature eCommerce shipping and fulfillment solution that has a track record of helping Australian businesses.

Starshipit will

  • Automate and simplify fulfillment to reduce errors & eliminate manual processes
  • Reduce postage costs through courier optimisation
  • Improve customer service and engagement

and revolutionise every step of your distribution process:


At checkout

Improve your customers’ purchasing experience and reduce costly errors, address look-up and multiple delivery options.

During dispatch

Automate every step in the dispatch process and reduce errors, time and cost by batch printing labels, packing slips, and auto-address correction.

Engaging customers

Communicate with your customers using customised emails/txts, branded tracking pages, and even enable them to print their own returns labels.


With DHL eCommerce and Starshipit as your eCommerce shipping and fulfillment integration, you will be able to automatically create labels and customs documentation. DHL eCommerce offer International services and are specialists in light weight parcels.  When DHL eCommerce is integrated with both your eCommerce store and Starshipit, you have a powerful eCommerce shipping solution.

Integrate Starshipit with DHL eCommerce to improve customer service and engagement with customised shipping notifications via email and SMS, a branded tracking page so customers can track their orders.  Up-sell to customers, process orders three times faster with automation, reduce shipping costs and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Leading eCommerce brands choose Starshipit because of the ease of use, speed of label printing, Starshipit supports multiple carriers plus a wide range of partner integrations and platforms.  Starshipit provides one to one on-boarding, training and ongoing support.

Many Starshipit customers use DHL eCommerce including PepperMayo, Constance Group (Like a Queen) and more.


PepperMayo use Starshipit & DHL eCommerce for fulfillment


Here’s more information on what DHL eCommerce can offer you.

DHL eCommerce is your e-commerce logistics specialist, connecting merchants to consumers globally.

Take your business further with a range of cross border shipping services covering more than 220 countries and territories around the globe.  Together with their fulfillment solution, DHL offer an end-to-end integrated solution from a consumer’s online order, picking and packing the order to final mile delivery.

All designed to maximize your market reach while minimizing your effort.

To ensure they offer choice, convenience, control and quality for both the merchant and consumer, their global team of eCommerce experts is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for a great online shopping experience.

Product Information

DHL Packet International Standard is the ideal solution for your high volume, low value e-commerce products

  • 3-12 days transit time with origin track events for added peace of mind
  • Up to 2 kg

DHL Packet Plus International is an enhanced shipping option with delivery confirmation

  • 3-12 days transit time with milestone tracking to key destinations
  • Up to 2 kg

DHL Parcel International Direct is a robust international shipping solution with direct injection into key e-commerce markets

  • 4-7 days transit time with full tracking visibility as well as delivery confirmation
  • Destinations include U.K. and U.S.

DHL Fulfillment is flexible, scaleable and built for businesses with global aspirations

  • End-to-end fulfillment solution spanning centralised inventories, multi-warehouse network, multi-channel integrations as well as pick up to last mile

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Learn more about the combined power of Shopify and DHL eCommerce with Starshipit.


Starshipit is a preferred supplier to DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce recommends Starshipit

DHL eCommerce recommends Starshipit as their preferred shipping and fulfillment software.

DHL ECommerce customers love Starshipit

Mossmann Australia posted:

Great app highly recommended, the Starshipit support team are always helpful. This app has helped us organise our shipping workflow saving us a lot of valuable time. Not sure why it took us so long to implement Starshipit!

PepperMayo use the combined power of Starshipit and DHL ECommerce to fulfil and ship their orders